Argo floats deployments

During the period November 2013-July 2015 ten Argo floats were successfully deployed in the Greek Seas in the framework of the Greek Argo Project.

The first Argo NOVA float (WMO number: 6901884) was deployed at the 7th of October of 2014 at the Northern Aegean, near Athos. Next day, the second NOVA float (WMO: 6901885) was deployed at the northwestern part of the Cretan Sea. About one month later, at 12 November 2014, a DOVA float (equipped with dissolved oxygen sensor) was deployed in the Myrtoan Sea, east of the Hydra Island. This one (6901886) was the second float equipped with dissolved oxygen sensor that was ever deployed in the Greek Seas, aiming to give better insight to ecosystem’s dynamics of the region. One day later, at 13 November 2014, another NOVA float (6901887) was released off the coast of Pylos, in southwestern Peloponnese. The next DOVA float (6901888) was deployed at the 3rd of July 2015 in the Northern Aegean, near Athos. Next day (4 July 2015) the NOVA float 6901890 was deployed in the Northern Aegean, west of Mytilene Island. Later this day the DOVA float 6903152 was released off the southwestern coast of Chios Island in the Central Aegean. At the 7th of July of 2015 the NOVA float 6901889 was deployed in the Cretan Sea, northwesterly of Heraklion port.

Argo floats with WMO numbers 6901882 and 6901883 that were deployed in the framework of the IONIO-Intereg III Project in November 2013 and in March 2014 respectively are also part of the Greek Argo network.




Greek Argo floats deployments